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Tokyo Day 3

Okay, guys. I'm finally here with the Tokyo post! 
Long time no see
I'm really sorry for that but I was studying hard. Still, I am here with a new post!

On our 3rd day we just went shopping because we both were so impressed with all cute stuff so we were sure that if we don't buy it as soon as possible it will just dissapear

On our way to breakfast...

...breakfast in McDonalds

But McDonalds in Japan is really good! Just look at these pancakes and Sakura soda!

We were going to Laforet after it so we stumbled upon amazing 2-storey cosmetics shop where I found Kiss Me Heroine mascara I wanted to order from eBay

And also a Haribo toothbrush! 

Later in the street I saw a Hatiko bus but I didn't manage to take a good picture


At the Laforet we went to lolita section first but they don't allow to take photoswhich I find extremely stupid

I only took 4 photos there

 You can see a bit more in my VLOG

But here I will tell a story about non-friendly Angelic Pretty staff and why I bought nothing from them even though it is my favorite brand.

I knew that it is now allowed to take pictures in AP shop, but I took a risk to film the sign which hung under the ceiling. So I just filmed the hall and a piece (!) of AP sign. The next moment a girl from AP shop rushed to me with an angry face and waving hands. She started speaking Japanese to me very fast so I couldn't really understand her but of course I understood that she noticed me filming. So she demanded that I showed her a video. Okay, I showed. A hall and a piece of AP sign. She said to delete it. I deleted. She didn't leave. Then she started tapping my camera to see more videos. I said that I didn't film AP, but she insisted that I showed her. Eventually, she watched about 7 more videos lol, but I only captured streets and other shops before. 
But the point is that when we finished, she just left quietly without even saying "arigato" or smiling or something.
I was so shocked. I mean, I admit that I was wrong but shouldn't staff be nice to the customers?
Still I entered the shop and I didn't like anything. It looked like a museum and I was afraid to touch anything while staff was staring at me. The atmosphere wasn't friendly at all and I also didn't find anything interesting so I just left with empty hands.

But then!!! I went to BTSSB and they definitely changed my mood!
When I entered the shop two girls smiled at me and bowed. When I was looking around they only watched me sometimes and told about the clothes and so on. BTSSB is not my favorite brand and unfortunately I didn't find anything there (except extremely expensive wristcuffs) but then one thing caught my eye. A pen! An Usakumya pen. I was so delighted so I decided that it was reasonable enough to spend money on BTSSB pen.
So when I said that I would take a pen a girl smiled, showed it to me closer, went to the cashbox and ... offered me to choose a plastic bag Either Alice and the Pirated or BTSSB. Then she put a sticker on the bag, walked me to the door and bowed at least 5 times!

Just compare them now.

Moving next, since after Laforet we were hungry and tired, we went to have lunch at Starbuckswhere an enormous queue waited for us...But we were lucky to find a table! 

We got some sandwiches and Sakura roll!

So soft and tasty! 

And this Starbucks was placed on a roof!

After lunch we went home to have a rest and recharge our batteries. 

Then more shops. In one near our apartments I found cute Sailor Moon stuff!

W<3C became one of my favorite shops!

We also went to Disney store!

And after all we went to PomPomPurin cafe for dinner!

Happy child!

That's how our 3rd day finished! If you liked the post, please, leave a comment and follow me 

Thank you for attention!

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Tokyo Day 2

Hey, guys!
Yes, I'm so late with this post but it's never late for cute things, right?

Today I want to tell you about our second (1st full day) in Japan on which we went to Sanrio Puroland. 
For breakfast we went to 7/11 and I got a curry bun and this (my most favorite now) milk tea and this sakura, hmm, mamba at the station

Here is the celling at the metro station

We came to Puroland 30 min before it's open and there was a huuuge queue

Our tickets.

We saw this really adorable machine with little fluffy bunnies


Let's enter!

The first ride we went to was this Boat Ride which was incredibly cute and fascinating! And it appeared to be really long which is nice because the queue was long too


After this oh-my-god-i-can't-but-melt ride we went to some stores there which are overfilled with cute stuff

There was a meeting with Little Twin Stars characters near the shop!

We managed to get lost there a few times, but, every cloud has a silver lining, we found a nice place to take pictures

So finally we remembered that we had a map of the park and decided to take a hello kitty house ride buuuut it appeared to be a walk around Kitty's house. It was pretty tho.



After this we were really tired and our legs hurt a lot so we went for a slow walk around the shops where I found this Cheburashka (Russian cartoon character from USSR lol) and Hello Kitty collaboration! 

 Then my friend decided to try her luck at the machines and gashapon and later we took a Gudetama purikura!

And as we were really tired we wanted to go for a ride where we could take a seat and have a rest so we went to My Melody ride. That was a horrible mistake! 1 hour 40 min in a queue, how do you like it?
When we finally took a seat my friend said that if the ride would be shorter than 3 min she would be really angry. A ride took 2 min 10 sec... I'm not kidding. Our first boat ride took about 6-7 min and this one...just seriously? 
But still the decorations were good.


And I found this height chart after the ride where the maximum height is 180 cm and mine is 181 cm (I wore hills that day so a bit higher in the photo).


So we were exhausted in the end and went to the biggest shop at the park for the last time to leave after.

After Puroland we had our lunch at McDonalds as it was pouring with rain and we were hungry af and the nearest cafe was a McDonalds. But I really like Japanese McD 'cause there is a tasty warm corn! For me it is good as I am a vegetarian and I always need some vegetables for my fries. And I also tried Sakura McFlurry there!

Then we went to Harajuku, had a walk at Takeshita, took Barbie purikura



...visited Closet Child...

...and went for a dinner (really sweet dinner) to Noa Cafe where waffles are served!


And! I got my Disney&Angelic Pretty dream dress that day!!!

So this is how we spent our 1st full day in Tokyo. It was awesome and no regrets that we went to Sanrio Puroland!

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