вторник, 20 декабря 2016 г.

Today I would like to tell you about a lucky box which arrived this morning. 
A lucky box is a box in which a seller puts some random items and you don`t know what you get. It is a really funny thing and it also can be a good bargain. My box is from Marshmallow Unicorn, a Russian brand of cute accessories, which I like very much. This is the first time when they release such a box so I really wanted to support the brand owner and to order one of these boxes.
Here is the promo photo of it:
The first thing that caught my eyes was the fact that it was a Mermaid themed box and I really adore mermaids sooo I became enthusiastic about buying it at once. And the second thing is the pack of stickers as I was thinking of buying them before.
As it was claimed the box includes:
-a mermaid notebook
-a pack of stickers
-a shell charm
-a magnet
- 1-3 random items depending on their price

So now I am lucky to show you what I got!
Here is the box:
That`s what we see when we look inside:
 The name of the box:
And finally the items!

So pretty!

I couldn`t wait to open that pink box and to learn what I got! So I did it and saw this cute chocolate ice-cream pendant and this sparkling brooch. At first I thought that it was a ring but then I realised that it was a little brooch which is really great because I wanted to buy one recently.

Look at this pendant! It`s so sweet, I wish I had a chocolate dress to match it but unfortunately I have nothing chocolate to wear with it

And the brooch is absolutely adorable! There is a little bird with the cage on it~

 Also I got this dust plug for my phone. It`s very beautiful!
Then I started to examine the permanent items. The first one I was really waiting for is this shell charm in which you can put the paper with your secret wish and it will stay there forever. It is also a very beautiful and lovely charm.
After that I looked at the stickers, they are really pretty and magical, I believe.
Aaaand the notebook with the magnet.
The notebook is really nice, it has plain white pages so you can draw or write there anything you want.
And the magnet is cute too, I am probably going to put in on my lolita hanger.
I also got a visit card of the shop!
Here is everything I got! Doesn`t this look nice?

I am really happy with my items! Looking forward to see one more lucky box from this shop

четверг, 10 ноября 2016 г.

Cheap Bodyline Coord or I can`t afford lolita

Hello everyone!
Sometimes all of us face a question: how to afford lolita? It is not a secret that you need a constant income to replenish your wardrobe constantly. But what if you are still at school or you don`t get enough money to buy everything you want? Well, I will try to answer this question now.


But seriously, have you? 
It is not a bad start, Bodyline has enough pretty exemplars. To prove you this statement I decided to make a full coordinate with one of the Bodyline dresses using only Bodyline goods. Here it is:

The total cost: 61,64$
You get: dress, blouse, shoes, socks, wirstcuffs and barrette.

Everything in the picture is Bodyline (except socks, they are from ebay). I think it looks cute enough, I would definitely wear it on a summer day for a meetup or for a walk.
 The are also some dresses which are nice for a daily-wearing or for more complicated coords:

I advice you to pay attention to one-color dresses. They are easier to coordinate and they meet the main rule of a good Bodyline coord:

"The best Bodyline coord is when nobody can understand that this is a Bodyline coord".
Some advice for buying Bodyline stuff:
-do not buy the popular prints, they won`t surprise anyone 
-always read the customers' reviews
-read about the materials and fabrics used for chosen item
-do not ignore shoes, Bodyline has really good pairs
-do not buy their headdresses, they are too big and ridiculous 
-do not buy their petticoats either
-change the currency to yens to save some money

Buy the basic items.
Pay attention to the items which you will always need, for example a good petticoat, a pair of quality shoes and a couple of blouses. Remember that it is you starting point and these are things you primarily need.
There are many pictures of what "the basic wardrobe" consists of, but I decided to do my own list:

-2-3 JSKs
-1-2 skirts
-3 blouses (long-sleeve, short-sleeve and any design you like)
-2 cardigans
-3 types of socks (tights, OTKs, socks)
-1-2 bags
-2 pairs of shoes 
-3 different headdresses
-1 petticoat
-some accessories

These items will help you to create different coords without any difficulties.


Do not make impulse purchases. 
 One of the main lolita enemies is an impulse buying. Here are some rules to help you to avoid this:

-create a wishlist, you will see what items you really want to get
-if you have found a new item, add it to your cart and wait at list one day, if you still want to buy it - do it
-do not do shopping at night time!
-weigh the pros and cons
-imagine yourself wearing this thing, do you like it?
-think what things from your wardrobe you can coordinate this item with, if there are none, don`t buy it

Buy second-hand.
There is nothing shameful in it. Now there are so many second-hand stores offering you numbers of dresses. You can find a lot of bargains there. Sometimes you can buy brand items much cheaper than they usually cost. One of the most known second-hand stores are:

-Usagi Youhinten
-Tokyo Alice
-your EGL community

And some more advice:
-define your style, it is always easier to buy clothes in one style and to coordinate them
-define what the style means for you, is it a costume for a festival or is it what you want to wear?
-remember, it is always better to save some money and buy one quality and wishful item than many cheaper "instead" things
-do not buy anything just because you`ve got some money, wait for the best item
-wait for seasonal sales
-do not buy only dresses! blouses, socks etc are important too, they make your outfits various

Well, I hope my advice will help you somehow and you have found this post interesting. Thanks for your attention! See you soon.

четверг, 13 октября 2016 г.


Today I just wanted to share some photos from the big rosary in one of the parks of  Moscow which were taken this summer.

My outfit:
Dress: ToAlice
Blouse: Bodyline
Shoes: TaoBao(not sure)
Other: offbrand

And some photos I made:

That`s a really beautiful garden and it`s nice to walk there with your friend, to breathe in the fresh air and just to have a rest. And enjoy amazing roses and other flowers of course!

вторник, 28 июня 2016 г.

Sweet Tokyo

Hi everyone! Today I want to tell you about some interesting cafe situated in Moscow, Russia.
I believe that many people who are interested in Japanese culture know this type of cafes really well. What do I mean? I mean cafes offering you some sweet pancakes with ice-cream, strawberry, nutella etc. There are many of them in Japan and they are very popular there. I have always wanted to try such crepes and finally I have  managed to do that in my city! I found the same cafe in Moscow, it is called "Sweet Tokyo"(Сладкий Токио). I went there with my friend and I liked it much!

The cafe has three locations in the city, we went to Nikol`skaya street. The cafe is located near the Metro station so you will need only two minutes to get there. Convenient, isn`t it?
The first thing I have to warn you about is that the cafe is very small and there is only one table and three chairs so it would be better to go there in a small company or to take crepes to go.
The design is very cute and light. The walls and tables are white, chairs are colorful. There are also pretty pictures on the wall:

There are photos of every type of crepe so that you can imagine what they look like and which one you want more (・ω<)☆
The menu is various! Unlike the Japanese cafes this one offer even savory crepes. You can choose one from the menu or make your personal crepe. You just buy an empty crepe(which costs only 49 rubles by the way) and add there any ingredients. If you don`t want pancakes then you can buy something different, for example onigiri, soup or salad. And some beverages of course (tea, coffee, home-made fruit-drink). 
As for me I chose the crepe with an ice cream, banana, whipped cream and chocolate topping. I only asked to replace the chocolate ice cream by vanilla one. And what I got:

 It was so delicious! Aww. I want this one right now. And it is very hearty that is why it would be better to have it for breakfast. And it also looks cute, I even took a photo with it:

Great day.

Then in a couple of weeks I visited another cafe in Nizhniaya Krasnosel`skaya street. To tell you the truth I liked it less. The good thing is that there are a lot of space and many chairs, but my crepe wasn`t that good. It was a little bit thicker and an ice cream was too icy. I chose a strawberry one that time. It looked lovely anyway:

And some pictures:

In the end I would like to say that I am very glad that I visited this cafe, but I would advice you to go to the cafe in Nikol`skaya street because the quality there is better. Anyway it is amazing to have such cafe in my city so if you like Japan you should go there one day. Bye now  (o´▽`o)ノ

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