вторник, 20 декабря 2016 г.

Today I would like to tell you about a lucky box which arrived this morning. 
A lucky box is a box in which a seller puts some random items and you don`t know what you get. It is a really funny thing and it also can be a good bargain. My box is from Marshmallow Unicorn, a Russian brand of cute accessories, which I like very much. This is the first time when they release such a box so I really wanted to support the brand owner and to order one of these boxes.
Here is the promo photo of it:
The first thing that caught my eyes was the fact that it was a Mermaid themed box and I really adore mermaids sooo I became enthusiastic about buying it at once. And the second thing is the pack of stickers as I was thinking of buying them before.
As it was claimed the box includes:
-a mermaid notebook
-a pack of stickers
-a shell charm
-a magnet
- 1-3 random items depending on their price

So now I am lucky to show you what I got!
Here is the box:
That`s what we see when we look inside:
 The name of the box:
And finally the items!

So pretty!

I couldn`t wait to open that pink box and to learn what I got! So I did it and saw this cute chocolate ice-cream pendant and this sparkling brooch. At first I thought that it was a ring but then I realised that it was a little brooch which is really great because I wanted to buy one recently.

Look at this pendant! It`s so sweet, I wish I had a chocolate dress to match it but unfortunately I have nothing chocolate to wear with it

And the brooch is absolutely adorable! There is a little bird with the cage on it~

 Also I got this dust plug for my phone. It`s very beautiful!
Then I started to examine the permanent items. The first one I was really waiting for is this shell charm in which you can put the paper with your secret wish and it will stay there forever. It is also a very beautiful and lovely charm.
After that I looked at the stickers, they are really pretty and magical, I believe.
Aaaand the notebook with the magnet.
The notebook is really nice, it has plain white pages so you can draw or write there anything you want.
And the magnet is cute too, I am probably going to put in on my lolita hanger.
I also got a visit card of the shop!
Here is everything I got! Doesn`t this look nice?

I am really happy with my items! Looking forward to see one more lucky box from this shop

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  1. (mermaidgey from Lolita Amino here :) Hello!)

    Wow! What a cute box! I have never heard of this company before. I too adore mermaids (as you can probably tell from my screen name, hehe) so it's always lovely to see more cute mermaid things :)
    I like how you included lots of close ups so I could really see how cute every item is ^^ I hope if you get another box from this company you will blog about it so we can see :D

    1. Thank you for your comment! It is not surprising because it is a Russian brand and unfortunately they don`t have an international website as I know :(
      I like close-ups too! But my camera is not really good for that actually. But thank you!
      I hope so!~


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