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A bit late for a Christmas post, isn't it?
Unfortunately I got some problems with my laptop and I couldn't access my blog folder. But now I finally got an opportunity to tell you about the very first Polish Lolita Tea Party which took place in the capital of Poland - Warsaw and was devoted to Christmas. 
Since I live in Cracow I had to take a train to get to Warsaw which was a bit of adventure but luckily I managed to find the restaurant and come there on time

To be honest, I saw much more people than I expected and it was a great surprise for me. I met so many interesting people and I was glad to meet all these beautiful members of Polish lolita community and make friendsEveryone was dressed so nicely and the interior of the restaurant created a real Christmas mood. There were some Christmas decorations and a big gorgeous Christmas tree with fairy lights and presents under it

There were several activities, for example there was a bring&buy point open during the whole event, gift exchange and a raffle where were 3 winners who could win a skirt from LadySloth, a handmade lolita art and (if I remember right) stickers. Moreover, every guest got a set of presents: a tote bag from LadySloth, 4 LadySloth postcards, 2 handmade postcards and a magnet

For meals there were 2 options: vegetarian and meat. For vegetarians spinach dumplings were served and for the others meat ones. As a dessert there was a set of different sweets and cakes. And of course unlimited tea! Because it is a tea party, right?

My outfit for the party:

Dress: BTSSB
Underskirt: Son Sofii
Bag, headdress: TaoBao
Shoes: Antaina
Accessories: mostly handmade 

I honestly don't like red colour but it is such a Christmas vibe!

After dinner and cakes everyone took a professional picture in front of this beautiful Christmas Tree! By the way, in the second picture I am with my internet friend Choccolita

Unfortunately I don't really like the face retouching, it looks kinda unnatural, but the pictures itself are pretty. And here you can see how tall I am!

In the end there was a "best coordination" contest! It was nice to hear about everyone's outfit!

The tea party was hold in both English and Polish languages so it was never a problem to communicate with others. Moreover, I was not the only foreign guest, there was also a girl from my Russian community and one girl from Germany. I hope next year we will see even more foreigners there!

And here is a VLOG from the meet up so check it out to see more!

Thank you! 

четверг, 17 августа 2017 г.

Tokyo Day 4 - Disneyland

Hey guys! I'm super late with my post again but I hope you will find it interesting because it's about ... Disneyland!

So, on our fourth day we went to (oh my god!!!) Disneyland and we couldn't help but had adventures. Let's start with the morning routine. We had to wake up really early because I was going to wear lolita that day and also we planned to be in Disneyland before it was open
 So despite of the fact that we were extremely sleepy everything went pretty well but then...ugh, Japanese transport system...No, I mean, it's really good but so confusing. When we got to our metro station we had to change transport. We went outside (which was difficult btw because there were no signs or anything like this) and we had to find a bus to Disneyland. But we couldn't. After a while a man working there saw our bewildered faces and started asking "Disneyrandu?" and we were screaming "Yes!" because we thought that we would never find the way. So we took our bus which was seriously crowded and got to Disney...Sea. Yes. The scoreboard said it was Disneyland station so we went off the bus and went directly to the entrance. We also were standing in a line for 15 minutes so when it was our turn to enter the turnstile didn't let us enter. A woman said that everything is fine and we just came to the wrong park so we had to take Disney metro to get to Disneyland.
We were really disappointed but till we saw the metro! It is so adorable!

Here is the main entrance decorated for Easter!

Disneyland was soooo crowded! An average queue took about 2-3 hours! Horrible, isn't it?

And the fist thing you see is obviously a castle!

Actually we planned to run to take any fast pass ticket but on our way we saw a new ride devoted to Pirates of the Caribbean so we couldn't resistAnd a queue was only 30 minutes (only haha) so we couldn't miss the chance!

The ride itself was really cool! But it was dark inside and they don't allow taking pictures with flash so no pics from there

What the ride was like: you board a boat with the others and then you are sailing among drunk pirates, amazing dolls and decorations, bangs and guns, Jack Sparrow, hmm, Captain Jack Sparrow and all this stuff. It's is incredibly beautiful! Especially for me as I really like pirates

Then we ran to take a fast pass to a roller coaster (Big Thunder Mountain) and took a line to the Haunted Mansion as it became my favorite attraction in Paris. It was good and even bigger than in Paris but no pictures again as I was severely warned by a staff girl that no pictures were allowed

But here is a photo from the Internet:

The attraction itself is beautiful and I love the music inside! Sometimes it can be scary, yes. But still it is an interesting ride with a story behind.

Then we went to Peter Pan's flight! The queue was loooong...but we did it! It's cute and there are a lot of decorations inside. You are flying in a ship over night London, children's room and a sea with mermaids and pirates. No pictures again...But don't worry! I managed to film this so you can watch it in my vlog!

Next we went to Fantasy Land zone where I took photos of Alice themed items and my coordinate either

Dress: Dreamy Luna by Angelic Pretty
Headdress: Dreamy Luna by Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Taobao
Socks: W<3C
Hoodie: H&M (sooo lolita haha)

And I bought this cute Disney ears! They are extremely popular in Japan btw. Almost everyone wears then in Disneyland

After that we went to Toontown and took a queue to Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin. To tell you the truth, I expected it to be boring and children's but it was fascinating, crazy and even extreme!
But a queue was long again

What happens inside is that you are riding a small car and everything around you turns ... weird
Fluttering pics and lights are around you and you just don't understand what is going on but that is the point! It's kinda psychedelic but funny that way! I really liked that ride. I felt like I was in one of those cartoons on TV.

Then we took a break and stoped to eat
I had fries and a cheesecake and my friend had a burger and a salad! Yummy

As I remember after that we used our fast pass tickets and went to the roller coaster Big Thunder Mountain. We were so lucky to have our tickets!!! The queue was 2,5 hours... What a nightmare. But we just came in time and took a ride without waiting 
It was good! Especially when you don't wait

I went to take a photo in front of the Castle after. It was super windy and I couldn't even hold my phone...

After that we were sitting nearby deciding what to do next so we were brave enough to go to Space Mountain ride. And we were brave not because it was scary or something, no... only the queue freaked us out. 3 hours
While standing in a queue we got hungry and tried green churros which looked like lightsaber from Star Wars! We also went crazy there because it was already dark outside and a thunderstorm began! Japanese were creaming. Seriously, every Japanese screamed
We also kinda made friends with two Japanese haha. And we were entertaining the line as we stared dancing due to our boredom. That was pretty funny. Soooo in 3 hours we finally took our ride. It seemed short (well, after 3 hours of waiting...) but not bad. 

Then we went to a shop where I found some Alice stuff but I didn't like that collection that much 

 But I bought these cute folders

After that we went home as we decided to wake up even earlier the next day to get to Disneysea...out mistake. It I will tell about it in the next post
 See you!


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