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Tokyo Day 1

Hey, guys! Miss me?
A few days ago I took a trip to Japan with my friend so now I have a lot to tell you about.
I will start with the first day.
So, on Wednesday 29th we left for Tokyo and arrived in the morning of 30th. Our airplane was amazing.  The seats were comfortable, there was enough room for legs, we also got a travel pillow, a plaid and a TV with different films, music, games and even manga. I had a special vegan meal and it was delicious.
Other passengers even got an ice cream! Can you imagine an ice cream on airplane?
When we arrived to Tokyo, we used Tokyo metro for the first time to get to Harajuku. It was kinda confusing but we succeeded.
We tried to leave our luggage in luggage storage but it didn't fit in there which was really upsetting as we had about 6 hours left till time of our check-in and Takeshita street was overcrowded so we just couldn't walk there with our suitcases, but fortunately we found another storage space where we left our luggage.
After that we went down the Takeshita street, visited different shops on our way and decided to visit Apple Store where my friend bought a 7+ iPhone which has incredible photo quality. 


Then we went to vegan cafe nearby and ordered curry rice.

The nice thing about Japanese cafes is that they always bring you a glass of water before your meal.
After lunch we took a taxi to our apartments. The taxi driver couldn't find our flat and we spent some time just looking for it.
The flat appeared to be much smaller than it seemed in photos and the flat's owner forgot to bring our wi-fi(oh, would you know how many problems we had with it later). 
We didn't want to stay in our flat for a long time so we just sorted our clothes and went to the evening Takeshita.
It is indescribably beautiful at night, everything is shining and there are not so many people as there are at day time.

There we tried our first crepes! They are so delicious!

After dinner we found these famous crazy detailed clocks which I had to take a photo of.

And here is me taking photo

Just night Tokyo:

 And to celebrate our trip we ended up with purikura. Just look at entrance decorations! 

And we also tried special Sakura lemonade at McDonalds. It's pretty light and tasty.

After that we were really tired and just went home to have a rest, sleep and prepare ourselves for the next day as we were going to visit Sanrio Puroland!

Thank you and see you soon

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